It’s time to break the cycle of crash dieting, mistaking  exercise for punishment, and putting yourself last. And it all begins with mindset.

With the right mindset, you will:

  • Gain confidence
  • Learn to trust yourself
  • Choose what’s right for you

But how?

By working together with me to find that “inner worrier” and considering how you see the world. And that’s just the start. You’ll be the change you wish to see in the world!

Everyone is different. But for me the keys are living my passion and purpose in life with as much positivity as I can.

One of my favorite mentors is Todd Durkin.  I was listening to one of his talks to get my day started with positivity and this is what he said:

“Some days you got it…some days you don’t. It’s the days you DON’T have it, that you gotta FIND it. It’s the ability to ‘flip the switch’ when the switch needs flippin’.”

Maybe you are facing adversity, obstacles, setbacks, or challenge today. Or maybe you just need a little extra “umph” in your life.  

Sound familiar, even a little bit?

Are you willing to take action? Are you willing to take a look at the limiting factors and beliefs that have held your progress hostage?

Then let’s address the real issue: your mindset.

This goes way beyond the nuts and bolts of nutrition and fitness. I want to be your coach because I know I can help you, thanks to my own journey.

Who is it for?

It’s for you, if you want to feel confident in your body and:

  • Think you could be happy if only you lose 10 or 20 pounds
  • Can’t quite figure out the “missing piece” to your transformation
  • Want to stop obsessing and stressing about your  body, want to live the fat loss lifestyle and do it forever with simplicity


Discover a new approach to fitness and nutrition that will change your mind and change your life.

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